Friday, March 19, 2010

Vive le Resistance

I liked this story so much, I just had to repost it.

"As he prepped to take Paris, Hitler sent a very special team straight to the Louvre when he’d secured the capital. They burst into the museum ready to loot it, with cameras in tow recording what Hitler expected to be his greatest triumph, the capture of all that art and treasure. Instead, Hitler’s goons found room after empty room, completely cleared of all contents. As the government of France dithered in the leadup to invasion, private citizens took it upon themselves to organize a nascent Resistance, and they removed all that art to underground tunnels, caves, farmhouses, and the like, to deny Hitler his prize. The Resistance formed before Hitler had even overthrown the Republic. And the Resistance remained strong and worked hard every day until both Hitler and the Vichy government were overthrown, and the Republic restored to glory.

THAT is precisely what Americans need to do.

We need to resist the Leftists at every turn."

So what's your game-plan to defeat the Left and restore America?

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