Friday, March 19, 2010

Abandoning the Democrats

Lifelong Democrats Abandon the Party over Obamacare

"If it truly happens, if Democrats truly do ram through Healthcare Rationing this weekend, that will be it for us and the Democrat party. We will, as of the moment they enact their takedown of America, become officially not only Independents, but we'll brand ourselves firmly as Resistance.

It will become our solid, daily goal to take down the DNC, destroy it, and do unto it what Rome did to Carthage.

We will do this by committing to three primary goals:

(1) Exposing and destroying ACORN in all its forms.

(2) Investigating and exposing every corrupt bargain and backroom deal Democrats engaged in to ram through Healthcare Rationing

(3) Taking down the Democrats' fundraising machine and making life an absolute living Hell for all wealthy people who fund the DNC and its Leftist candidates. We will feature a different Leftist every day, and encourage as many people as possible to direct their ire at the wealthy men, women, and firms who fundraise to keep these Marxists in office.

We will, in fact, build a coast to coast operation to achieve this, making it our mission to cripple the DNC's revenue stream."

Howard Stern: The Dems Are Communists I Will Never Vote For Them Again

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