Monday, December 28, 2009

States that value religion vote Republican

Pew ranked the states based on the importance of religion in people's lives, frequency of attendance at worship services, frequency of prayer and absolute certainty of belief in God.

Mississippi ranked highest in all four categories.
Southern states ranked very high across all 4 as well.

14 of the 15 most religious states voted for John McCain
(the only exception, NC, was narrowly awarded to Obama.)

In the same year, Obama was awarded 23 of the 27 least religious states.

These religiosity rankings are an even better predictor of a state's Presidential vote than its party registration -- mostly because a large number of Democrats, especially in the south, vote Republican in the presidential race.

Friday, December 18, 2009

People more happy in states that vote Republican

More evidence that conservatives are happy, while leftists are miserable.

According to CDC ratings:

9 of the top 12 happiest states in the US voted for McCain-Palin in 2008, while all 12 of the bottom 12 (least happy states) voted for Obama-Biden.

McCain's Arizona is the 5th happiest and Palin's Alaska is the 12th happiest. On the contrary, New York is the LEAST happy state, DC would rank 37th when considered in the rankings, Obama's Illinois would be 45th, and Biden's Delaware only 22nd.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Thankful for the Freedom we have

I was relieved to find out that the Democrats are not closer to imposing government control over our health care. Senators Lieberman and Nelson went on CBS Face the Nation Sunday and announced they would not vote for the health (s)care bill being promoted as a "compromise" that was supposedly gaining "tremendous momentum".

Politico reports that the White House is asking Majority Leader Reid to negotiate with Lieberman so that the senate Democrats can get something --- anything!!--- passed. The left, of course, is furious and uncompromising. I don't understand the blind rage on the far left. But I'm sure glad it is dividing the Democrats and causing them to turn on each other.

I can better understand the centrist Democrats making their principled objections (but still somehow not entirely rejecting the idea of government further intruding into healthcare):
Lieberman recognizes that the "public option", the CLASS ACT, and the Medicare buy-in are all fiscal time-bombs that will increase the burden on the taxpayers.
Nelson takes a principled stand, not forcing taxpayers to fund abortions.
Dorgan proposes an amendment to allow importation of FDA-approved drugs across national borders (which contradicts a promise Obama make PhRMA to continue the import ban.)
McCaskill now says she will "absolutely" vote against the bill if it is too costly.
Conrad is not very supportive of the "public option" because of the stress it would cause the federal budget. (which may explain why the threat of "reconciliation" has been withdrawn --- for now!).

Tomorrow is another day. But I am just thankful for another day without the tyranny of government healthcare. I am just thankful for the freedom we still have.