Monday, December 28, 2009

States that value religion vote Republican

Pew ranked the states based on the importance of religion in people's lives, frequency of attendance at worship services, frequency of prayer and absolute certainty of belief in God.

Mississippi ranked highest in all four categories.
Southern states ranked very high across all 4 as well.

14 of the 15 most religious states voted for John McCain
(the only exception, NC, was narrowly awarded to Obama.)

In the same year, Obama was awarded 23 of the 27 least religious states.

These religiosity rankings are an even better predictor of a state's Presidential vote than its party registration -- mostly because a large number of Democrats, especially in the south, vote Republican in the presidential race.


  1. I don't think that in all states, religion is the main factor that causes people to vote one way or another. In the South for example, voting is divided by race. In Mississippi, the most religios state, 99 percent of blacks voted for Obama. However most those 99 percent also identify as very religious, thus undermining your contention via alternate causality.

  2. Voting is NEVER divided by race in America. Voting is ONLY divided by CULTURE.

    There are two cultures: the self-reliant and the parasites. Those who believe in self-reliance vote for conservative candidates, such as Republicans. The looters, those who engage in parasitism and condone parasitism, vote for looters such as Democrats.