Monday, April 12, 2010

God is Not a Socialist

"God is Not a Socialist"
from The War on Success
by Tommy Newberry

"Socialization is always accompanied by secularization—the smaller God becomes, the larger government grows. Of course, that’s a human perspective; God doesn’t shrink at all. But as God fades from our attention, so does liberty. Evil in all its varieties is just the natural outgrowth of freedom without God. Review the whole history of godless Communism and fascism—did anything good come of it?

No doubt about it, America’s system of free enterprise, like our founding documents, is inspired by the timeless truths revealed throughout the Old and New Testaments. But today, the diminishing of God has led Americans to feel lonely, confused, and isolated like never before. Disconnected from traditional and proven sources of value and love, more and more people now seek solace in government programs. The result has been a decline in individual freedom and the diminishing of our range of lifetime opportunities.

This is the inevitable result when a country moves toward socialism. The socialist deplores biblical absolutes or fixed truths of any kind, for they restrict his ability to manipulate feelings and influence the masses. Communist godfather Karl Marx was a philosophical materialist, meaning he didn’t believe in God or any spiritual realm. To Marx, if you couldn’t see it, it didn’t exist: the material world is all there is. This warped atheism is a crucial component of the socialist mindset, justifying their attempts to create a utopian "workers’ paradise" on earth.

Nevertheless, today’s socialists deceptively weave biblical quotes and
spiritual-sounding platitudes into their rhetoric to help win over the "innocently ignorant" people of faith. American socialists are particularly prone to selling their ideology in religious terms. After all, our nation was founded on biblical principles, and according to recent polls, 80 percent of Americans claim to believe in God, and 77 percent profess to be either Christian or Jewish. Socialists can’t explicitly reject God and expect to win election, so instead they try to co-opt Him as a salesman for their atheistic cause.

Because they don’t really believe in God, many socialists are biblically illiterate, despite their biblical sales pitch. They twist God’s instructions and the values He extols, extracting collectivist lessons where none exist. Unfortunately, many religious people, congregants and leaders alike, who recognize these distortions are reluctant to challenge them, either because they’re intimidated by political correctness or because they don’t fully understand the harsh reality of socialism.

Although the socialist claims to be doing God’s work, the big, cold hand of the federal government is no match for the warm, loving hands of God. Socialism does not produce spiritual fulfillment anywhere, and it never brings man closer to God."

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